Work VS-XX

$ 2,700.00

*Note: Picture shown is another set we built in the past for another customer. Actual finalized product will vary for you depending on how you would like your wheels to be built. Please kindly send us an email to if you have any questions.

Brand/Model: Work VS-XX
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
Front: 18" Your Width/Offset
Rear: 18" Your Width/Offset
Face Finish: Any Standard Finish
Original Used Center Caps
Original Used Valve Stems
Original Used Assembly Bolts
Original Used Assembly Nuts
Refinished Outer Lips: High Polish
Refinished Faces: Any Standard Finish

Free Service: Please email
-Relip (Between 1.0" to 5.0" Outer Lip)
-Rebarrel (Between 6.0" to 7.5" Inner Barrel)

Other Services at Extra: Please email
- Step Lip Conversion to 19"
- Powdercoating
- High Polishing
- Brushing
- Diamond Cutting
- Plating (Chrome, Copper, Black Chrome, etc.)
- Redrill to 5x108, 5x112, 5x120

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