Will these wheels fit on my car?

Your wheel fitment depends on many many variables such as the tire size, suspension, ride height, alignment, fender work, personal preference, etc. There is no one absolute answer to this question. We may help you with some recommendations for your car and even calculations between different specs, but it will still be your responsibility to do the research in the end!

Do you guys do financing?

For wheels that require a rebuild, we would normally accept a 50% deposit (75% if the value is over $3000) to start the initiation process. Once the wheel build is completed, the remainder will be due, then we can ship out the wheels to you.
Another way of financing would be that issue you an invoice of the wheels you to purchase, upon check out from Paypal, please select the Paypal "Paypal Credit" option. Once approved, you'll see be able to make your purchase securely through Paypal depending on what you're being offered. In most cases, customers with good credit will be offered with 6 months and no interest.
For more information, please visit here.

What size outer lips / inner barrel sizes do I need to buy to achieve a certain size?

We can calculate this for you. However, this is not possible if we do not have all the following information from you:
Current Width & Offset
Current Inner Barrel Size
Current Outer Lip Size
If any of the above information is missing, these calculations are not possible. If the information provided to us is inaccurate, then you will end up with miscalculated numbers as well.

How do I measure my outer lip / inner barrel sizing correctly?

Please see our tutorial here.

How do I measure my offset?

Please take a moment to watch this excellent video.

I want to change my Reverse Lip wheels into Step Lip, can you guys do that?

If this is a 3 Piece Wheel, yes.
If this is a 2 Piece Wheel, maybe.
Please do know that an 18" Reverse Lip wheel will become 19" once a Step Lip conversion is performed, as a Step Lip will always increase its Reverse Lip counterpart to one inch above in total diameter.
For example:
18" Reverse Lip after Step Lip Conversion = 19" Step Lip
18" Reverse Lip after Step Lip Conversion ≠ 18" Step Lip
17" Reverse Lip after Step Lip Conversion = 18" Step Lip
16" Reverse Lip after Double Step Lip Conversion = 18" Step Lip

What is a "standard powdercoat finish"?

Standard finishes consists of anything that does not involve polishing, brushing, plating, transparent, or candy colors. Thing that would fall into this category would be simple solid/metallic colors such as White, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Red, Gold, Bronze, Black, etc.

What is the difference between Polished and Chrome?

Polished (sometimes referred as High Polish) is a raw finish done directly over the aluminium material without any sort of coating. They are easily repairable and is very cost-effective finish.
Chrome (sometimes referred as Triple Chrome) is a type of plating applied on top of the aluminum material. They are more reflective than Polished, easily maintained, but comes at a higher price.

What is a disk size?

3 Piece wheels usually will come in a variation of disk sizes. The most common being High, Mid, and Low Disk. Different companies will have different names for each (i.e. Work Wheels Mid-Disk = A-Disk, SSR Wheels Mid-Disk = MD-Disk). On a 3 Piece wheel, your brake caliper clearance is generally based on the wheels' disk size, not the width/offset.
High-Disk: Maximum Brake Clearance, Minimum Lip Size
Mid-Disk: Medium Brake Clearance, Medium Lip Size
Low-Disk: Minimum Brake Clearance, Maximum Lip Size

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on numerous amount of factors such as availability for parts, and complexity of the build. Fast builds can only take less than a week to finish, slow builds can take months. Sensei 6 does not put your order purposely on delay for no reason, as everybody's orders are all done simultaneously in a timely manner.

Do you guys take trades?


Can you buy my wheels?

No. However, we do offer consignment services to help you sell your wheels for our local clients.

Can you sell me just the center caps?

No. However, some center caps are for sale separately here.

Can you sell me just a pair or a single?

No. Unless our listing is posted for just a single or a pair, or if you are purchasing a brand new wheel that is still in production.

Can you guys source a certain wheel for me?

If the wheel is made in Japan and is still in production, we can help you order a set brand new. If it is discontinued, we will try (deposit required).

I don't like the color/finish, bolt pattern, width, and/or offset. Can you guys make changes to that?

Yes. Depending on the wheels, we can make a wide range of alterations, the cost will sometimes either remain the same or be additional.