Sensei 6 offers a wide range of services for your wheels: from 1 Piece monoblock, to 2 Piece wheels and finally 3 Piece. We offer everything from wheel repair, resizing (also known as relipping and/or rebarreling), to refinishing. Below is a list of services that we offer.

Due to the unique circumstances of these custom tailored needs, pricing will be different upon every scenario. With that being said, please email us directly to for any inquiries.

Refinishing Services:

-Standard Powdercoating (White, Black, Silver, Bronze, Gunmetal, etc.)
-Candy Powdercoating (Transparent Colors, Dual Stage & Triple Stage Colors)
-High Polishing
-Ceramic Polishing

-Plating (Triple Chrome, Black Chrome, Copper, Rose Gold)
-Liquid Paint


Ceramic Coating Services:

We can ceramic coat your entire wheel for you.


Resizing Services:

-2 Piece Modular to 3 Piece Conversions
-3 Piece Weld Splitting
-3 Piece Rewelding
*We do not resize 1 Piece Wheels!


Machining Services:

-Redrill and Insert (i.e. 5x114.3 to 5x120)
-Fill and Redrill (i.e. 5x114.3 to 5x100)
-Center Bore Expansion
-3 Piece Weld Splitting


Repair Services:

-Repairing Curb Rashes
-Repairing Metal Chippings 
-Unbending Lips/Barrels
-Unbending Faces
-Replacing Lips/Barrels
-Resealing Silicone