Work "VS" Center Caps

$ 120.00

Brand New Optional "VS" Center Cap from Work Wheels!

Material: ABS Plastic
Confirmed Fitment:

-Big Base:
- 17"/18"/19" VS-XX
- 17"/18"/19" VS-KF
- 17" Work VS-SD
- Work Rezax II (All Sizing)
-Small Base:
- 20" VS-XX (Full Reverse Barrel Only)
- 20" VS-KF
- 19"/20" VS-FX
- VS Concept (All Sizing)
- Brombacher Special Edition 19"
- Varianza (All Sizing)
- 18" Gnosis
- 16"/17" Schwert
- XSA-02C/XSA-03C (All Sizing)

Note: Center Caps are sold as full sets of 4. They will NOT fit 1st edition VS-TX. Every color except for red will require a minimum of 10 business days lead time. Please confirm your fitment before purchasing, as all sales are final. We do not accept returns for any reason.

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